These days, you will find video surveilance (CCTV) systems installed just about everywhere, from large corporations, banks, schools, restaurants, stores, and in homes.

CCTV 'kits' are sold online and in many bigbox and membership stores. There are, however, a wide variation in the type, quality, and pricing of CCTV systems on the market. Most of these would be of 'consumer grade' design and have very limited and short term warranties.  Most kits contain only one type and quality of cameras, and some have proprietary connections. Selection and placement of cameras is critical to a successful and effective installation. We find do it yourself, one size fits all packages are not appropriate for most implementations. In addition, setting up remote access to your system through an internet router so you can view your cameras on a smart phone, tablet, or other device requires networking skills that are beyond the basics.

These are just some of the reasons you should hire professionals to design and install your CCTV system! 

At Signal Networking we have years of experience and the skills to ensure a successful implementation including:

  • Analog, High Def, and IP megapixel systems.
  • We have completed installations for schools, restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, manufacturing buildings, city parks, police departments, homes and a wide range of other businesses.
  • Camera selection and correct placement for the environmental and lighting conditions for each camera location.
  • Professional grade systems from companies such as Hikvision, Mobotix, and Hanwha Techwin, that are not available in stores.
  • Systems with a minimum of three year warranties.
  • Expert installation using quality cabling and connection hardware.
  • Professional grade power sources for the cameras.
  • Expert knowledge of routers and firewalls to implement port forwarding for remote access.
  • Training and post-installation support.